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news. >>> devastation in japan on the left, damage here in california on the right. after a powerful tsunami killed hundreds and roared across the pacific. good evening, everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. the monster earthquake that battered japan is literally sending shock waves around the world. the rare great wake generate add tsunami that pushed walls of water into japanese towns and villages causing untold damage and misery. ktvu's janna katsuyama is live in san francisco's japan town where this natural disaster is on almost everyone's mind. >>> well, this neighborhood has been the community and the heart of the japanese people here in san francisco. of them have that on their mind as they watch this natural disaster unfolding. the wall of water 23 feet, seven metres high that came crashing down on north eastern japan pushed people's homes and buildings off foundations and swept cars into a swirling tide of tsunami debris. today people are still feeling shock and waves of after-shock. more than 110 of them, larger than 5/0 with the largest registering 6.8.
>>> the experts are down playing concerns about radiation reaching california as japan suspends helicopter air drops at the crippled nuclear plant. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. low levels of radiation from japan are riding the winds over the pacific tonight. sounds ominous but is it? debra villalon joins us tonight where the department of health is monitoring the air for radiation levels in the area. >> reporter: the department is monitoring changes in the atmosphere. if the radiation does arrive, scientists here will be among the first to know. it's expected to hit our coast as early as tomorrow. so diluted. radiation will be more minuscule than measurable. >> we understand everybody's concern, radiation is scary stuff. >> reporter: officials cannot say it enough, they see no health hazards. >> i'm not sure that the vision or the model of a plume this far away is -- >> no one can predict what is going to happen at the plant tomorrow. >> reporter: that uncertainty is why so much technology at so many locations is aimed at sniffing out radi
. officials in japan hope the helicopter bucket brigade can keep the reactors from overheating while the plant operators scramble to install a power line and use electricity to restore the reactor's cooling systems. >>> now, less than an hour ago, word came that the united states will start evacuating americans from japan, including private citizens and the families of u.s. personnel. president obama informed japan's prime minister of the plans tonight. the obama administration is chartering aircraft to accommodate americans who want to leave. also today the chairman of the u.s. regulatory commission says radiation near the fukushima plant is extremely high and damage at one reactor and worse than the japanese officials have acknowledged. >> and janna katsuyama just returned hours ago from tokyo. she is here now live. but how are the people feeling there now? >> well, it is a difficult situation there. walking through tokyo, the trains and the stations and the airport, there wasn't really any signs of panic or chaos. but we did find many foreigners quietly leaving. driving from tokyo to hanita
to try to cool nuclear reactors. >> ominous developments from japan tonight. within the past few hours, officials suspended efforts after a spike made it too dangerous for workers. they had to withdraw because of radiation. government officials say 70% of the fuel rods may have been damaged. they also said another fire broke out today at one of the reactors and radiation levels were high enough to cause severe radiation sickness. 3300 are confirmed dead. up to 450,000 are in temporary shelters. in the villages and towns where the tsunami hit, rescue workers are still looking for survivers. for miles and miles, there is debris and little is identifiable. fuel and water are in short supply. many are waiting in long lines to buy whatever they can. this line stretched for a half mile. it's the japanese way to remain calm, patient, and polite. >> jana is live in tokyo, and joins us via skype. what are you hearing in tokyo. >> reporter: it certainly is unsettling. in the past hour, it was 12:52. we had another aftershock. the hotel started swaying back and forth. i know understand, it was ab
deer a i'm heather holmes. >>> four days have now passed since the great earthquake in japan and the crisis there appears to be getting worse by the hour. japan's prime minister kan says radiation is escaping and posing a health threat. this is a high risk of nuclear power plant explosions. the official death toll from the quake and tsunami is more than 2400 but it is still expected to climb much higher. the geological survey recalculated it and now puts the magnitude at 9 up from an 8.9. >>> threw new problems at the football game machinery a die eachy nuclear plant. it is in one of the hardest hit areas and today there was an explosion at the number 2 reactor. japanese officials say the containment structure had been damaged to what tent is not clear. and a fire probing out at the number 4 reactor but it was extinguished, they asked a nuclearening here in the bay area about the possibility of a complete meltdown. >> we don't know how much of the core is destroyed, so until we know that or up til there's some evidence of more serious events, it's contained. >> japan's prime
. decision. who and how many have to wi cke sp rwd yr arho, >>> major earthquake in japan. moments ago authorities there issued a tsunami warning. there is a warning of a tsunami for as high as 7 feet. we are monitoring news feeds from japan and we'll have more information as it becomes available. >>> new at 10:00, a south bay school district grappling with a school budget. and they are warning of lay offs >> reporter: some 300 people showed up tonight to make their case that there have been enough cuts at the largest district in california. some have been through this before. >> it's just kind of nervewracking that every year for the last three or four years i get the pink slip. >> it's no longer kids come first, it's dollars and cents. >> reporter: tonight the school board listened to the fees, but this district of 2,400 students has listed $14 million in cuts and by kerrigan, estess, law, lay off notices will have to go out. >> in the year 2015 we could end up with classes the size of 70 or 90 students. >> reporter: what happened tonight is being repeated across the state as finan
to open in 2015. >>> a new warning about tap water in tokyo. also a show of support for japan in san francisco tonight. the common link among these concerned folks. >> the ground is really soggy. and the rains last night and this morning haven't helped it at all. >> a massive rock slide. and the conditio . >>> a null warning tonight about tap water in tokyo due to radiation from the crippled nuclear power plant 140 miles away. people are being told not to give tap water to infants. that led to a run on bottled water, despite pleas asking japanese residents to refrain from hoarding water because some tsunami victims had none. test at the water treatment plants showed 10% higher than iodine recommended for infants but safe for adults. >> at the power plant smoke came from one of the reactors today and the employees had to evacuate again. there is no worry and they are using a robotic arm to drop seawater on the reactor. it appears to be working because the heat dropped to 107 degrees. >> toyota has announced that the quake in japan will force it to islands some power plants here in the
in light of what happened over in japan. >> reporter: neighbors say every winter, storms cause a few vessels to break lose. but they say they've never seen so many adrift all at once. >> what makes you come out and look at them? >> it's just a spectacle. >> this one broke right here. >> reporter: we found boat owner gary thomas in salsalito. thomas says one of the eight morings holding his world war ii vote broke. >> every year, boats that are anchored out in this harbor, because it's a shallow harbor relatively, too much winds, older equipment and boats break free. >> reporter: the harbor administrator told us the cost of removing each of the remaining boats range from 1,500 to $3,000. he hopes to have all the boats removed by april 1st. reporting live in marin county, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> meantime, south of the bay area at the santa cruz harbor, crews pulled out four more boats following the japan quake. crews were out using sonar equipment to lose for any debris in the harbor. the tsunami surge cost an estimated $26 million in damage to the harbor and boats. >>> on
to the crisis in japan. tonight the food and drug administration has halted the imports of food products grown and produced near the area of the fukushima plant. as for fish and other products, the fda says it will screen those for radiation and if they are deemed safe they can be sold to the public. japanese food make less than 4% of all u.s. food imports. >>> scientists at uc berkeley and the epa say they are seeing trace amounts of radio active isotopes from the japanese nuclear incident here and in the bay area. researchers at uc berkeley believe the isotopes will decline in the next few days. >>> operators of the fukushima made progress today but also suffered set backs. tomorrow they hope to restart the cooling systems to the damaged reactors providing the pumps were not damaged by the tsunami. workers stopped working on the electrical system to pour water on the fuel rods. >>> executives of the tokyo electric power company went to shelters today and apologized to people for the nuclear plant leak. >>> and farther away from the nuclear complex, radiation levels dropped significant today.
2 news. >>> eight days after the earthquake in japan when most people had given up hope of finding survivors, a young man has been rescued alive. it happened about five hours ago. he was weak, unable to talk, but alive and is now in the hospital in stable condition. rescuers found the man in the rubble of a house in one of the hardest hit areas. how he survived isn't clear at this hour. in the past week there have been precious few people found alive. >>> also today, the japanese government acknowledged that it was slow to respond to the earthquake and tsunami saying it never anticipated such a disaster. across the country today, people paused for a minute of silence at the exact moment that 9.0 quake hit. people lowered their heads and offered prayers for those who are lost and those who are now struggling to survive. u.s. marines arrived today at a military base in northern japan inland from the tsunami zone. they bought supplies for the people surviving with little food or water and cold temperatures. it has been difficult for relief workers to get to them because of the severe
of japan they are not alone. photographs were taken of the messages for the japanese people. they will be compiled and put on the internet. the stand for japan campaign is a fundraising effort to send money to the hundreds of thousands of people who lost so much in the earthquake and tsunami. >>> an alarming discovery at japan's crippled nuclear power plant. >>> looking for and finding japanese reactor radiation here in the bay >>> the news from japan's fukushima nuclear plant was alarming today. there are new pools of radio active water and plutonium. and that is likely the reason for the levels of radiation in the ground and the ocean. but plant operators said two samples appeared to be plutonium from the leaking reactors and the old could have come from old nuclear tests and none of the levels is dangerous. >>> in the bay area another ship arrived from japan and as is customary government officials are scanning it for radiation. juryjohn fowler shows us more. >> reporter: amy coffer collected water from strawberry creek to be tested for japan reactor radio activity. >>
fukoshima nuclear plant. >>> i didn't want to leave. >> di >>> in japan, two workers at the fukoshima power plant suffered radiation burns today. they were rushed to the hospital for specialized treatment. they had been playing electrical wire and got water inside of their boots. their injuries are not considered to be life threatening. more than 2, two dozen people are have been hurt so far trying to repair that nuclear plant. >>> the newsincreased fear about radiation and people quickly bought out all the water. >>> in the towns destroyed by the tsunami in miles that used to be filled with lives. one woman who lost her home came across a picture of her teenage daughter taken when she was three. her daughter survived and now has a keepsake. >>> a few hours ago, japanese national police say more than 10,000 people are confirmed dead. and more than 17,440 other people are reported missing. >>> hundreds of u.s. military evacuees -- >> reporter: a long journey home to houston from japan for the hernandez. >> i didn't want the leave. >> reporter: these are hundreds of military families who dec
a report from the sierra and show you the amazing results of today's snowpack survey. >> from japan come new reports of spreading radioactive contamination from the damaged nuclear power plant in fukushima. the tests reveal significantly higher levels of radioactive iodine in the sea water. more than 3300 times above acceptable levels. plant operators acknowledge that four of the six reactors are beyond repair and will have to be scrapped. higher amounts of contamination are now being found farther from the plant. >>> scientists at uc berkeley are performing tests on bay area water, milk and grass looking for radiation from japan. and ktvu's health and science editor john fowler was there today as the results came in. >> reporter: this confirms trace radioactive particles from japan have settled on the bay area, on the soil, the grasses and drinking water reservoirs. >>> we were there this afternoon as uc berkeley ky veter discovered tell tale from the radioactive iodine. >> the measurements are very small. >> reporter: they tested it from two dairies both containing isotopes. but grass
in japan a little more than three hours ago. the epicenter is 200 miles north of tokyo. buildings reportedly swayed. there are no immediate reports of damage or injuries. a tsunami of about 20-inches is forecast to hit japan's coast sometime tomorrow. officials say there is no danger of a tsunami along the western united states. >>> newly released documents show that pg & e faced problems shortly before last september's explosion in san bruno. ktvu consumer editor tom vacar was allowed to go into a facility where the troubling chain of events may have begun. >> reporter: milpedas natural gas terminal is a major hub for gas pipelines coming in from the texas and canada. from here, natural gas sent throughout the peninsula. repair crews here in milpedas were replacing a back up power supply, during that repair there was a sudden loss of electrical power. pg & e central room saw pressure gauges dropping to zero on three major pipelines apparently in error. though valves were open wide, pg & e says there was no massive spike in pressure. only a minor one a few pounds over usual operat
rain. >> thanks, bill. >>> thank you. >> three earthquakes registering more than 6.0 have hit japan in just the last 12 hours. all after-shocks from yesterday's 7.2 quake. that quake caused a small tsunami but no significant damage or injuries. it was centered off the coast. addition the quake there have been 14 over 5. >>> just how rich are . >>> the richest got richer according to forbes adding one trillion to their wealth. carlos slim tops the list worth $74 billion. microsoft's bill gates came in second with $56 billion. number three was investor warren buffet worth $50 billion. and oracle's ceo is worth $40 billion. >>> mark is here with sports. with the warriors almost seems like you are getting to the point where you will see, well, there is always next season. >> just about that tint. at the end of the day it is what it is. whatever. a few overused current expressions for people who can't really think of anything else to say with regard to a particular situation. that's the case with the warriors. what more can you say about the same old thing. ashley gave up for lent her ha
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